Introduction of MO-FUN project

After years of R & D investment, KingLong has independently created a set of lighting personalized customization software. With 58 (planned to increase to more than 100) professional designers, it provides customized lighting services for consumers, generates VR scene preview lighting effects, and provides unique and personalized art lighting for consumers through its strong production capacity, This is MO-FUN project.

The future product competition tends to be personalized, customized and intelligent. With a unique vision, KingLong will join hands with Alibaba Group's Aladdin super factory plan to establish an innovative product system and business model.

From the perspective of consumers, if the lighting effect can be previewed quickly before selecting the lights, and the lights are designed according to the totem that consumers like, it is a very forward-looking thing. Practice has proved that the stickiness and transformation strength are greatly improved. Through digital transformation, KingLong takes the lead in industry 4.0 of lighting industry, leading the industry change.