KINGLONG lighting classic pearl series, noble pearl elements and personalized customized shapes, create a better space atmosphere, fashionable and exquisite design lines.
When Pearl meets KINGLONG's Cube, not only home improvement but also work clothes can produce screaming modern lighting. The highlight of the living room, as the main light source of the living room, uses the exposed lighting line to boldly place in the center of the living room space. The noble crystal sand shadow reflects the ground and the wall, and the colorful furniture and soft furnishings together create a vibrant space atmosphere. . The illuminance meets the actual needs of the living room according to the shape of the lamp. The central part of the lamp group controls the lamp specification by the living room coffee table and the aisle area, and the height of the hanging wire controls the light scattering range. It satisfies the need for sufficient light and aisle light sources when the coffee table is used, without affecting the comfort of the sofa area.
In the infinite possibilities of space, the lines and radiance exude glamorous brilliance, interpreting the most beautiful charm of customization.


Suspended pearls increase the sense of space value.

The form of the hanging line can not only match the living room and dining table, but also increase the interest of the space. Above the long dining table, the black and red light lines are used, and the ceiling is matched with the personalized light line shape to become the focal point of the living space, and the corresponding space brings warm and sufficient light sources.

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