KINGLONG Dream Pen series is a new DIY lighting

With full of personality and shocking visual effects, it is sought after and loved by many partners

It is an artistic lamp that shows everyone's personality and taste

Use spatial structure to design a three-dimensional exquisite geometric frame

Multi-dimensional luminescence, the most beautiful light radiating like the stars and the sea, is a romantic light within reach

The whole lamp is made of aluminum material, does not rust or fade, and the quality is lasting as new

Selected export-level 3000K healthy light source, no video flashing and no blue light hazard, care for the eye health of you and your family

The Dream Pen series can be combined with ever-changing exaggerated shapes, and can also be customized for you to design unique DIY artworks in the country, so that relatives and friends can feel the unique you

KINGLONG  Lighting-born for space matching

Click to view the video >> (The video is the second generation of Dream Pen, the picture is the third generation of Dream Pen)