Create a new industry, transcend field boundaries; promote the concept of fashionable life with brand-new technological experience; create new heights with model innovation, and promote win-win cooperation!

It was held in Lihe Square in the ancient town. KINGLONG Lighting Chairman Yuan Shiqiang, Vice President Feng Huanzhong, Domestic Marketing General Manager Wei Weiming and other
leaders and nearly 500 distributors from across the country attended.

With the theme of "New Dimensions · New Models" for this conference, KINGLONG Group will comprehensively display the market prospects, strategies, original innovations and VR technology
experience for everyone, and present the latest side to the industry. The response was strong, was highly concerned by the industry, and was widely reported by major media.

At the meeting, Mr. Yuan Shiqiang, Chairman of KINGLONG Lighting, proceeded from the lighting industry to give an in-depth interpretation of how to meet the real needs of consumers and distributors; and said that Qilang’s future product research and development will develop in the direction of personalized customization. Win word of mouth with stable quality and excellent service.

Mr. Sun Lanqing, the domestic marketing director of KINGLONG Lighting, gave a speech on the "2019 Qilang Marketing Strategy". He said that KINGLONG will launch new products once in
1-2 months and carry out refined promotion. In addition, he talked about marketing strategies and tactics and new product launch conference policies to let everyone know more about the
future development of KINGLONG Group.

Core work focus:

1:Refined promotion of new products广

2:Service, support dealers to build an ecological profitable operation model storefront

3:Market protection

Four dimensions of marketing strategy and tactics:

1:Products-Push new products in 1-2 months, breaking the traditional method of suppressing inventory. The refined promotion of new products has unified the terminal speech skills and
lowered the sales threshold. Expand product sales diameter.

2:Price-the terminal pushes backwards, integrates the supply, production, and sales chain, and squeezes the price of water to make good products inexpensive.

3:Channels-Resolutely purify the online sales environment and protect the normal price system and channel order. Help dealers to open distribution and establish a new retail ecological
profitable store model.

4:Promotion-Fragmentation of the network to promote the brand, establish a major account department, connect with large real estate companies, import resources to dealers, establish
a national database of 50,000 designers, and help dealers maintain designer resources.

At this time, the atmosphere of the scene was brought to a climax. Mr. Fu Shenghua, the general manager of Moollona, launched the classic fashion sub-brand "Moollona·VH" to everyone. He pointed out that Moollona Witch inherited the classic temperament of Moollona and expressed the classics in fashion.

In the future, KINGLONG Lighting will focus on VR services, allowing consumers to experience lifelike customization effects throughout the house. Therefore, KINGLONG Lighting VR Director Yuan Jiahui said on the stage that VR was born for space matching and can provide customers with professional services. He also shared in-depth "VR service values and cases".

After the grand press conference, distributors from all over the country came to KINGLONG Lighting Lihe Lighting Expo Center flagship store, KINGLONG International Home Museum, Qiyue flagship store, and Moollona flagship exhibition hall to taste 2019 KINGLONG Lighting Group Original spring new products, and place orders on site.