Guangzhou Design Week was born in 2006 under the leadership of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government. It is China’s first design week. After more than ten years,
it has grown into Asia’s premier design industry event, and it is also the United Nations of Interior Design-International Interior Architect/Designer An international design
business event that is endorsed, certified and promoted simultaneously by the Federation of Groups (IFI) worldwide.

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The design feast, the appointment in Guangzhou, has already begun. The much-anticipated Guangzhou Design Week in 2020 kicked off in Guangzhou today.

In this design week, KINGLONG Lighting continued to use light as the concept of “design + application + service”. So, what design trends will KINGLONG Lighting bring to you?
Without further ado, let us walk into the world of KINGLONG custom design-Qilang Rubik's Cube Lighting Experience Hall.


KINGLONG Lighting's focus on personalized customization concepts and modular systems

Created a professionalism in details and a deep pursuit of product quality

Provide perfect solutions for various spaces and requirements-this is what we are committed to pursuing

The design award won by KLighting:



During the on-site explanation, the sound of communication filled the entire exhibition area, and the designers of  also answered the questions of
the designers one by one. The way of personalized customized products + services refreshed their understanding of customized lamps and lanterns.

In order to let the audience better understand the lighting and personalized customization methods on the field, the handsome designer of KINGLONG explained the design
concept and design direction of each lamp on the spot. The designers and distributors on the scene had a deeper understanding of the maturity of the new customization
method represented by KINGLONG's personalized customization, and showed great interest.

The warm, sincere and professional attitude of the KINGLONG team towards the visitors has won their favor and appreciation. At the same time, use products and sincerity to open the door of cooperation in the exchange. KINGLONG gave a satisfactory answer to the designers, distributors and their expectations in every aspect.