K's camouflage light design uses a light guide plate to see the light but not the light. Because of its launch, the collection of chandeliers and ceiling lights has won many international design awards.

Designed by KINGLONG Lighting, this camouflage is made of precision cut and engraved crystals embedded in LEDs. The installation explored the relationship between light and transparency and was inspired by Diez’s idea of disguising light sources.


To achieve this, he made a precise cut in the glass to accommodate the LEDs, which are recessed like a row of hidden internal seams. Then, the glass conducts the blocked light from the inside to the carved surface, and finally appears there, emitting a strong glow, which seems to radiate directly from the material.

The ceiling and vertical pendant models are 10-16 inches in diameter, projecting a circle of elegant downward light. It is made of a piece of tubular glass. The etched edge is the bottom of the lamp. The light is concentrated there. Its flashing stripes give people a unique moire. It is shrouded in a halo of diffuse light, seeming to float in mid-air, while the black canopy provides a graphic counterpoint.

These tubular models provide practical solutions for public and private spaces. The edges of the glass will also glow, providing more concentrated lighting. Vertical chandeliers are particularly suitable for illuminating restaurants and meeting areas, while ceiling lamps are very suitable for entrances, corridors and general spaces. Luminous and magical when lit, the beauty of transparency is the display closed.