KINGLONG Lighting's series of beads/starlight/linglong/horn represent the modern remodeling of classic chandelier.These devices are refined from exquisite black cables and equipped with LED light terminals, which is a comparative study:Dramatic and refined, tradition and future, graphics and transparency.


As a customizable chandelier system, Rotary Ball provides a set of parts, which the designer can arrange according to a specific space.Here, we share inspirational examples collected in countless settings.


Three linear volumetric lights illuminate a lounge area and outline an airy three-dimensional outline. Each pendant exhibits a unique posture in a series of geometric outlines, showing the infinite customization possibilities of the spin bead. The unique shape attracts the attention of different seating areas while still maintaining a coherent design theme.

An oversized linear chandelier makes an eye-catching statement of the multi-level staircase in the entrance area. The designers created a cascading pendant spanning three floors, both illuminating and unifying the dizzying space. Each layer is getting thinner and thinner, and fewer and fewer optical terminals are installed, forming a slender outline, reminiscent of an elegant exclamation mark.


The linear lamps hanging above the two bar counters are a kind of modern art with a slanted two-dimensional outline. Their step height is in perfect proportion to the tables they illuminate, enhancing the abstract appearance while defining each table.


As the name suggests, the free-form spin bead is easy to adapt to various styles and settings. It is powered by a power socket, can be configured into countless spatial layouts, you can choose from one to nine LED light points and a wall or ceiling ceiling.

In a conference room, the free form is reminiscent of a slender spider whose cables are forked to enclose different parts of the conference table. Each LED light group is consistent with the seat below, providing precise lighting and a light crown above the head.


The free form also spans a corner of the office, illuminating the desks, back walls and bookshelves. Its unique rib design becomes an extension of the building, like a bridge connecting two parts of the room.

In the living room, the free form has only three simple cables, but its different patterns create an unexpected visual rhythm on the wall. The minimalist design is the presence of balanced graphics, adding an interesting accent to the room.

Free form seems to sprout from the ceiling of the restaurant. An intricate barbed wire branched overhead, occupying a position above two separate seating areas. Three separate cables emphasize the various tables below, while free-form counterparts hang in pairs on a high counter. This attitude is both improvised and deliberate, drawing attention to different seating areas through different grouping methods.