Designed by KINGLONG,the award-winning tube chandeliers and ceiling lights can now be personalized, providing designers and architects with a powerful and convenient tool to customize a collection of specific spaces.

The modular collection uses a simple network of tubes that can transmit light to different shadows. Steel pipes meander through the ceiling, creating an eye-catching route and perspective view reminiscent of a subway map. They are connected to up to four shades, are available in four gray finishes, and can be adjusted in height wherever needed.


KINGLONG's online project personalization software provides a seamless, step-by-step experience. There they first decide whether they need a standard configuration or a custom configuration.


The standard model offers a variety of options: single or three-color; shadow height (available in 7.8 inches or 20 cm increments); one of four gray finishes (white, light gray, medium gray, or dark gray).


Custom composition provides more creative freedom. If needed, up to four shades can be mixed with a ceiling, ceiling and chandelier. After selecting the number of shadows, use the configurator to place them where you need them. The shadows are connected by 0.5-inch black pipes that span a space. Like the standard model, the shadow height can also be customized in 7.8-inch increments, and four gray finishes can be selected.