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Zhongshan City Kinglong Lighting Factory Co., Ltd.

KingLong - the lighting artist
SINCE 1993

Precious and clear, noble and bright
Deduce the extraordinary lighting aesthetics and create a new height in the industry

Development history

Since 1993, KingLong has been focusing on R&D and originality, and attaches importance to the global strategic layout. Now it has developed into an international lighting brand with more than 200,000 square meters of factory buildings. 

 1993 - KingLong was established
 2002 - Established chain sales system of national lighting brand
 2007 - Launched a global layout covering over 30 countries
 2010 - Swan Lamp won two world famous awards in succession
 2019 - Set up nearly 800 sales-outlets nationwide 
 2023 - A new start and challenges full of opportunities



Focus on originality

For 30 years, KingLong has been adhering to the road of originality, focusing on design, employing many international design experts from Germany, Spain, Italy and so on. With an international perspective, they have established a vigorous exploration relationship between aesthetics and life, material and spirit, and designed fashionable and artistic lighting works through their unique understanding of materials, light, space and scenes. Give fashion to the soul of design, the original design products of KingLong have won many awards in the industry



Honor and qualification

Gold Award of dozens of Ancient Town International Lighting expositions

China creative design red cotton supreme Award

Best fixed luminaire design award at Birmingham International Lighting show

British lighting design of the Year Award

Contract abiding and trustworthy enterprises in Guangdong Province in 2017

China's lighting industry leader brand in 2018



Patented products

Excellent design comes from adhering to the spirit of originality, from classic to fashion lighting art, more than 600 global patents, product iterations, making KingLong stand out and become the preferred brand in the hearts of many consumers



Global KingLong

KingLong is committed to creating a full range of lighting styles, including modern simplicity, American style, European style, post-modern style, Italian light luxury, crystal art lamp and other lighting styles, to meet the needs of different consumers. Through service iteration, KingLong integrates the sense of technology and home furnishing into its exclusive stores, so that consumers can experience a brand new experience.

KingLong not only has established a perfect sales system in China, but also has a mature market layout in the world, such as establishing branches in the UK, Italy and other countries and regions.

In addition, as a representative of China's lighting industry, he participated in international exhibitions such as Milan Furniture Show and Frankfurt furniture show, and won high praise from the international industry, so that global consumers can have a deeper understanding of China's lighting industry


High end exclusive

With sincerity and goodwill, with the insistence on the original, reflect the value and significance of design. KingLong has become the preferred international lighting brand for five-star high-end hotels. 


Customized services

According to the consumer's home space and style, through VR technology, KingLong continuously optimizes the service and puts the service in front of it. It promotes a customized product portfolio to help consumers not only buy good products, but also the right products. KingLong service is customized and exclusive. 

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