Bro Fur Form is a Munich-based product and industrial design studio, co-founded in 2000 by Konstantin Waterman (German). Burro Fur Forms’ work focuses on product, accessories and
lighting design, international companies such as GeorgJensen (dk), habitat (gb), next lighting (ger), darkness (Belgium), Kundalini (Italy) , Ubra (U.S./Canada), Vibia (Hispania) or continuous 
lighting and authority (both). The studio has won many international design awards, such as the Good Design Award Red Dot (Best Category), German Design Award, iF Design Award 
(Best Category), Design Plus Award and European Design "Best Lighting". Konstantin Waterman's work has appeared in many books and publications, has been exhibited in international 
exhibitions, and is part of the collection of the Design Museum New Museum (Munich). The red pattern in the design is a balanced combination of organic shapes and geometric elements, 
sometimes with a little humor, and always full of emotion, creating a special modern style. Mission: "Products need perfect functions and ergonomics, and poetry!" Constantine: "In my design,
 I like to add some unexpected doses, a little twist..."

Co-branded member of KingLong Lighting designer