Pietro Melone

Design studio based in Venice, Italy. The work focuses on the combination of human sensitivity, technology and strategic thinking, while executing the design from industrial
products and light design, indoor exhibitions and urban public spaces. Since 2012, omrirevesz- has been teaching industrial design at the University of Venice. He is a
guest lecturer at the University of Venice in Cafoscari and the European Cultural Institute of the European Economic Community. Revesz graduated from the University of
Venice. In 2012, he was recognized by Italy's most prestigious ADI design index design. After that, he won three more championships in 2013, 2015 and 2018. In the same
year, he also won the first prize of the 1920 Riva Natural Wooden Furniture Design. His works have been exhibited on major design platforms, such as the Milan Triennale,
the Venice Biennale, Paris, Maison and Ougette, Ben Simon Gallery, and published in many design magazines, such as Domus, Abitare, Inteny, Life and The New York
Times. Omri's project is characterized by a reasonable humanistic approach and technical function realization. We put humanity and society at the center of our process,
creating social innovation and adding value through design. We develop our work through constant dialogue in the studio, with our interlocutors and our future users.

Co-branded member of KingLong Lighting designer