With the introduction of KINGLONG lighting wall lamps, designers continue to explore and expand their ideas. The purity of light, the quality of elements and the
minimalist design of the 1960s inspired the latest incarnation of the halo.


The basic unit of the wall lamp is a simple light pole, which is located on an aluminum base and has a length of one meter.

The clear linear geometry of the device is softened by its ambient glow. The diffuser makes the light-emitting diodes embedded in the light pole invisible,
making the light look ethereal when washing the wall under subtle lighting.

Material and light seem to merge until the designer describes: "They become a unified whole."


As the version has multiple light poles, the halo wall light can be manually adjusted to a vertical, horizontal or diagonal position. Alternate or stretched,
parallel or vertical contours, it makes a dramatic statement work.

In the public spaces of hotels, companies or cultural institutions, large-scale arrangements have become eye-catching light sculptures. It is located next to a sofa or armchair, as a reading lamp and doubles as wall art.